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Dr Sananta K Dash

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FCICM, MD (Anaesthesiology), FNB (CCM), EDIC, FCCP

Consultant Intensivist

Townsville University Hospital

100 Angus Smith Drive, Townsville, QLD

Senior Lecturer

JCU School of Medicine & Dentistry

James Cook University

Dr Sananta Dash, practises Intensive Care currently in North-Queensland, Australia. Being trained both in Indian and Australian system, Sananta aims to narrow down the knowledge gap and difference in current practice across the goal. He believes in uniformity of education and training can translate to uniformity in patient care. His current interest lies in Education and training and Clinical Ultrasound.


Chapters in Books & College Protocols

  • STATEMENT ON SUSTAINABILITY – Part of “CICM Sustainability Working Group” Statement published online. 

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  • Nicolas A. Sieben, Sananta Dash. A retrospective evaluation of multiple definitions for ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) diagnosis in an Australian regional intensive care unit, Infection, Disease & Health, 2022, in press. (

  • Chawla R, Myatra SN, Ramakrishnan N, Todi S, Kansal S, Dash SK. Current practices of mobilization, analgesia, relaxants and sedation in Indian ICUs: A survey conducted by the Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine . Indian J Crit Care Med 2014;18:575-8. PMID: 25249742

  • Dash SK, Chauhan M, Varma V, Sharma R, Kansal S, Chawla R. Hyperammonemic coma in a post-partum patient with undiagnosed urea cycle defect. Indian J Crit Care Med 2013;17:107-10. PMID: 23983417

  • Dash SK, Sharma R, Chawla R, Kansal S. Diabetic ketoacidosis induced cerebral infarct: A missing link in pathogenesis of neurologic manifestations of acute pancreatitis. Apollo Medicine 2013;10:155-8. 

  • Dash SK, Bansal A, Wankhade BS, Sharma R. Alveolar haemorrhage in a case of fat embolism syndrome: A case report with short systemic review. Lung India 2013; 30(2):151-4. PMID: 23741098 

  • Dash SK, Goshavi K, Parikh H, Kondwilkar B. Effect of clonidine infiltration and by intravenous route on scalp block for supra-tentorial craniotomy. S Afr J Anaesthesiol Analg 2010;16(6):13-21. 10.1080/22201173.2010.10872712

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  • Parikh H, Dash SK, Upasani CB. The Effect Of Oral Gabapentin As Preemptive Analgesia To Attenuate Post Operative Pain In Patients Undergoing Abdominal Surgery Under GA. Vol-4, Issue -3, Sept-Dec 2010.Saudi Journal of Anesthesia. PMID: 21189848

  • K. Gosavi, S. Dash, B. Shah, C. Upasani. Atrial septal defect closure on cardiopulmonary bypass in a sickle cell anemia: role of hydroxyurea and partial exchange transfusion. Annal of Cardiac Anesthesia. Vol 13:2; may-aug 2010. PMID: 20442545

  • Dash SK, Parikh HG, Tiwari SB, Kondwilkar BD. Acute reversal of Warfarin therapy in patient with protein S and C deficiency presenting for emergency therapy. The Indian Anaesthetists’ Forum – ( March 2010. Online ISSN 0973-0311. 

  • Sahoo RK, Dash SK, Raut PS, Badole UR, Upasani CB. Perioperative anesthetic management of patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy for noncardiac surgery: A case series. Ann Card Anaesth 2010; 13:253-6. PMID: 20826969. 

  • Sharma R, Rosha D, Dash SK, Chand T. Gastrothorax Complicating Third Trimester of Pregnancy: Suspicion is the key. J Clin Imaging Sci 2012;2:49. PMID: 23029632. 

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