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What does the course Cover

 TRICS - (Targeted Review of Intensive Care Syllabus)- EDIC 1 preparatory course


  • This course is meant for preparation of EDIC-1. It will include 2 aspects.

  • Once enrolled it will provide a detail overview of syllabus and study material aiming to cover the syllabus.

  • The candidate will have access to the “TRICS cloud”. TRICS- cloud is a unique resource material meant for preparation of “EDIC 1”.

  • The whole course consists of 5 modules (Covering 8 domains of EDIC-1 Syllabus). The modules are classified as per the EDIC-1 syllabus. Each module consists of pre-reading for a week followed by a mock test as per the EDIC-1 standard comprising of Type-A and Type-K questions. This test is followed by a debrief and sharing of tips and tricks for preparation. At the end of the 5th week there will be two further mock test comprising of the whole syllabus and subsequent debrief. 

What is the time frame?

  • The “TRICS-EDIC 1 Preparatory Course” will start on 01/12/2023  and aim to finish in 14 weeks (Two week prior to EDIC-1 exam)

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How to Register for the Course?

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